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41+ Who Cut Boruto's Eye

41+ Who Cut Boruto's Eye

Boruto Uzumaki is often the center of attention as the son of the Seventh Hokage. Boruto Chapter 54 SPOILERS Follow.

Ooh Boruto Is Named After Neji Naruto Facts Anime Naruto Boruto

Might be some new person im guessing someone gonnatry and give him the sasuke treatment but will fail.

Who cut boruto's eye. In one of the recent episodes of Boruto. I think it most likely will be code with his sharp ass claws. Well in the beginning of the boruto manga series it is shown to be a byakugan.

Who cut Borutos eye. Or simply isshiki taking over kawakis body like he did Jigens and doing it. The fan noticed something particular in the latest episode of Boruto after it cut to a scene where.

A future scuffle but not the one from the opening scene. In Chapter 54 of Borutos manga. Toneris line translates to Borutos eye.

Answer 1 of 12. I think it most likely will be code with his sharp ass claws. I dont think anything has been comfirmed about his scar yet but I do have a theory The scar on his eye Is actually similar to the one Kakashi has only that its near his left eye Theyre even more similar in the fact that the scar that they both have is close to where the.

It will definitely be code or kawaki. Under the watchful eye of Naruto and his old comrades a new generation of shinobi has stepped up to learn the ways of the ninja. Answer 1 of 4.

Totally could see Kawaki going rogue and doing this. The Future Generations Sasuke loses his Rinnegan as Boruto stabs him in the eye. Other more creative people try to say it is the tenseigan or a mutation of the byakugan that will allow for sarada and borutos child to have a byakugansharingan hybrid shrugs people.

Seems more fitting for the one to take borutos eye be Kawaki since hes the main boss in the series. MomoshikiBoruto used a dagger to stab Sasuke in his left eye which felled Sasuke and left him writhing in pain. Boruto becomes the new kakashi.

It is important to. I believe that this along with the scar means that he lost his normal vision in the right eye and can only see through it while using the Jougan. From what weve seen in both the manga and anime flash-forward he keeps his right eye closed when not using the Jougan.

Despite having inherited Narutos boisterous and stubborn demeanor Boruto is considered a prodigy and can unleash his potential with.

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