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23+ Does Boruto Have A Crush On Sumire

23+ Does Boruto Have A Crush On Sumire

And the main thing is that Hinata Sumire also likes Boruto as. That girls blushed too many times around Boruto.

Sumire Almost Confess Her Feelings To Boruto Infront Of Sarada Boruto And Sarada Moments Youtube

One minute of Sumire having a crush on Boruto.

Does boruto have a crush on sumire. Who does Kiba have a crush on. Sumires Reactions Boruto. Sumire in the context of Boruto and Sarada seems to be a plot device for them to question the nature of their bond.

She was supposed to use the beast Nue tied to her life force and destroy Konoha as her dad was a fanatic of the tyrant Danzo. I dunno if its Confirmed or not since they are still pre-teens. Lets just see how.

Sumire has a crush I get it but Boruto is way better with Sarada ya know. But the Ships makes alotta sense. Even Boruto listens to the words of Sumire much like when he listens to his mother Hinata.

Sumire may have a crush on Boruto yet but Sarada has plenty of times to collect her feelings before things come to a head. If you see any comments with untagged manga spoilers please report them. By the time Sumire was eligible to enter the Chūnin Exams she instead chose to begin working at Scientific Ninja Weapons Team where she soon.

Despite this she had still come to value the friendship she made with her fellow classmates who in reality did not want to hurt anyone. People ship borusumi because of Naruhina irdk but it doesnt make any sense. Sumire and Boruto have a storied past as he helped her turn away from the dark side when she infiltrated the village early on in the series.

Chōchō encourages Magire to confess his feelings to Sumire. Use spoiler tags when discussing events that have taken place beyond the anime. 0 comments Did you notice this curious edit.

After graduating from the Academy she is placed along with Wasabi and Namida in team 15 with Hanabi Hyuga as the leader of the team. Boruto may be a shonen title but it is not afraid to touch upon. The Couple KibaHina Japanese キバヒナ KibaHina is the term used to refer to.

I am a bot and this action was performed automatically. As a reminder this flair is for anime discussions. Boruto was never bothered by the existence of Sumire and he also never got angry because of her.

I would say yes because in the novel its stated that shes always staring at him and tbh girls stare or look at their crush a lot. Shikadai checks with Boruto if hes possessed and Boruto confirms hes not. They question why hes following Chōchō but he reveals its Sumire hes following having a crush on her.

Narutos son reached out to Sumire with his own Talk no Jutsu and it seems the encounter has turned into a crush. When confronted by Boruto Sumire exclaimed that the Sumire he knew never existed. Now the Boruto nar.

At this moment probably Sumire started to have a crush on Boruto. In this Boruto manga and anime video I explain his relationship with Sumire as I have already covered Sadara x Boruto in another video. It goes to show that maybe Boruto had a crush on the Sumire that once was but after getting to know her better it developed into a friendship.

Does Boruto Marry Sumire Quora

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